L2 Revolution Interlude 100x
Full Custom PvE/PvP Server
Max Level 80
Custom NPCs
А Path
to Oldschool
is running!
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Welcome to L][Revolution website!! Join our discord by pressing COMMUNITY. Server started 16-5-2020 19:00 GMT+3

We guarantee you great gameplay and longterm server!
AIO Bonus to all Pre-Register Clans
Changeset 7:

Dear friends!
• Reworked all Grandbosses and changed timezones
• Corrected Spellsinger class/mages
• Addition of visual armorsets .dressme
• Addition of God's Blessing
• Reworked the whole Party Zone and drops!
• Addition of God's Blessing
• Zaken 24 Hours/ Baium 24Hours!
• Queen Ant 12 Hours/ Orfen 12 Hours/ Core 12 Hours!
• Valakas 5 Days/ Antharas 4 Days/ Frintezza 2 Days!

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Olympiad changed to Weekly
Dear Friends!
• Olympiad Games are now weekly, the hero weapons now are equal to +16 God Weapons.
• New Heroes of week one have been turned successfully.
• Olympiad Games will refresh Monday 25/5/2020.
• From now on you can join oly without restrictions on gear.
• There are no more class based games access.
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